Paul "Spidey Sense" Scanlan
Cofounder, CEO

SUPER POWERS: Spidey sense, durability, impeccable timing
ARCH RIVALS: Suits, status quo, establishment
HEROIC FEATS: Emmy Winner, Cofounder/President MobiTV, Cofounder/Board Member New York Rock Exchange, Passionate Digital Media Entrepreneur, 500+ jobs created, $140M+ venture capital raised, 2011 Forbes "Names You Need to Know"
WEAKNESSESCoen brothers, raw cookie dough, robot chicken


Jeff “Turbo Time” Annison
Cofounder, President

SUPER POWERS: Limit smashing, trailbraking, Felix Felicis
ARCH RIVALS: Pop-up ads, rules without reason, telemarketers
HEROIC FEATS: Emmy Winner, Founder/CEO New York Rock Exchange, Cofounder and VP Product Development MobiTV, toy designer, theme park engineer, amateur auto racer
WEAKNESSES: Board games, fast cars, cold pizza and knock-knock jokes

Baxter - BW.jpg

David "The Hound" Baxter
Content Development

SUPER POWERS: Supernatural sense of smell to sniff out great projects, giant sized heart, genre shape shifter
ARCH RIVALS: The Man, myopic vision, Debbie downers
HEROIC FEATS: 20+ years film/TV development, marketing master, award-winning WGA writer with projects at 20th Century Fox, Paramount, & Bandito Brothers and graphic novelist for Image Comics, Larger than Life cosplay celebrity, champion fencer (swords, not watches)
WEAKNESSESKung Pao chicken, Game of Thrones, vintage Italian race cars

Natalie "the Calm" Farsi
Business Development

SUPER POWERS: Clairvoyant, mind reader, supernatural meditative thought
ARCH RIVALS: Simple people, narrow mindedness, the village idiot
HEROIC FEATS: 10+ years TV monetization, exec roles in BD at Awesomeness TV, YouTube, Morgan Spurlock, Fox, Warner Brothers, master handwriting analyst, pianist
WEAKNESSESLoud bars, foreign films, jazz musicians

Terri "Tater" Lubaroff
Content Acquisition

SUPER POWERS: Uber collaborator, bright idea generator, detail destructor
ARCH RIVALS: Users, posers, high heels, tall cabinets
HEROIC FEATS: 20+ years film/tv development and talent & lit management, entertainment lawyer, COO Meltdown Entertainment, Sr. VP Humble Journey Films w/deal at Paramount, film/TV/podcast/content writer/producer, master negotiator, movie lover
WEAKNESSESLife-changing stories, travel and chocolate peanut butter ice cream


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