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Open the gates to Hollywood


Open the gates to Hollywood

Introducing the world's first FAN-OWNED entertainment company.

Legion M works with top Hollywood creators to make movies, TV, VR and more.
We're also the first studio in history built from the ground up to be owned by fans.

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Go Behind the Scenes

Go Behind the Scenes

With Legion M:

FANS own the company
FANS get behind the scenes
and when we succeed,
FANS share the rewards!



Having fans as owners isn't just good fun--it's also good business

We've got a legion of talent scouts to tell us what's hot.

An invested focus-group to tell us what works.

And when we release our content;

We have a legion of fans pushing to make it succeed!

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Join Us

Join Us

Everybody loves movies and the idea of setting up a company that can do movies and will be financed and owned by the fans — I think that is a wonderful idea
— Stan Lee

Interested in learning more? We're making history, and would love for you to join us! Use the button below to learn how you can join Seth Green and Stoopid Buddy Stoodios, Alamo Drafthouse, Meltdown Comics, the minds behind 42 Entertainment, and over 3,000 fans around the world as co-owners of the world's first FAN-OWNED Entertainment Company.



"Absolutely love the idea of a fan supported business model!"  -Jeremiah

"Sounds like an exciting idea. Very interesting concept!"  -Sarah

"This is awesome!!"  -Tomas

"Can't wait to see what you guys do with this."  -Kaitie

"Congrats on this awesome venture! I'm excited to see where you and your team can take this exciting concept."  -Jake

"You are visionaries!"  -Brooks

"I'd love to be involved! This sounds like an awesome endeavor."  -Luke

"Gung ho!"  -Ray

"I look forward to seeing what this is all about."  -Errol

"You all are my new favorite thing."  -Lindsay

"This is very exciting! I can't wait to see what you are able to pull off!"  -Cindy

"Excellent idea!!"  -Mathew

"Sounds so interesting!"  -Kai

"LOVE YOU GUYS!!! Great to meet you at SV Comicon."  -Roxanne

"Very exciting!"  -Mark

"I love this idea and hope it succeeds on every level!"  -Joey

"Such a cool idea - I'm excited to watch it come to life!"  -Ellen

"This is a badass idea."  -Larissa

"Great idea - we're excited to be part of the team!"  -Brad

"This sounds like an excellent idea - looking forward to participating in all aspects of this project."  -Jonathan

"I look forward to being part of this. Kindly reserve a spot"  -Joseph

"How amazing!" -Peter

"Great Idea!!"  -Richard

"This is an awesome idea...I've always felt the world needs more orgs like this so I hope it's successful."  -Jose

"How Amazing!"  -Peter

"Great Idea!!"  -Richard

"This is an amazing idea"  -Thomas

"Hoping you have huge success"  -Brian

"I am excited, what a wonderfully innovative concept!"  -Tana

"Very intrigued and interested in getting in on the ground floor."  -Mark

"I think the company sounds like a cool idea! Best of luck!"  -David

"Good luck! Great idea!"  -Susan

"Excited to be a part of such an innovative company and platform!"  -Mitchell

"Very cool idea"  -Connie

"Super excited for this!!!!"  -Alina

"Saw your panel at SVCC and am really excited about this company."  -Lora

"Thank you for the opportunity to get involved in something like this."  -Russell

"This is an incredible idea and long, long overdue!"  -Mark

"This is a most excellent thing. Gogogo!"  -Ren