"Absolutely love the idea of a fan supported business model!"  -Jeremiah

"Sounds like an exciting idea. Very interesting concept!"  -Sarah

"This is awesome!!"  -Tomas

"Can't wait to see what you guys do with this."  -Kaitie

"Congrats on this awesome venture! I'm excited to see where you and your team can take this exciting concept."  -Jake

"You are visionaries!"  -Brooks

"I'd love to be involved! This sounds like an awesome endeavor."  -Luke

"Gung ho!"  -Ray

"I look forward to seeing what this is all about."  -Errol

"You all are my new favorite thing."  -Lindsay

"This is very exciting! I can't wait to see what you are able to pull off!"  -Cindy

"Excellent idea!!"  -Mathew

"Sounds so interesting!"  -Kai

"LOVE YOU GUYS!!! Great to meet you at SV Comicon."  -Roxanne

"Very exciting!"  -Mark

"I love this idea and hope it succeeds on every level!"  -Joey

"Such a cool idea - I'm excited to watch it come to life!"  -Ellen

"This is a badass idea."  -Larissa

"Great idea - we're excited to be part of the team!"  -Brad

"This sounds like an excellent idea - looking forward to participating in all aspects of this project."  -Jonathan

"I look forward to being part of this. Kindly reserve a spot"  -Joseph

"How amazing!" -Peter

"Great Idea!!"  -Richard

"This is an awesome idea...I've always felt the world needs more orgs like this so I hope it's successful."  -Jose

"How Amazing!"  -Peter

"Great Idea!!"  -Richard

"This is an amazing idea"  -Thomas

"Hoping you have huge success"  -Brian

"I am excited, what a wonderfully innovative concept!"  -Tana

"Very intrigued and interested in getting in on the ground floor."  -Mark

"I think the company sounds like a cool idea! Best of luck!"  -David

"Good luck! Great idea!"  -Susan

"Excited to be a part of such an innovative company and platform!"  -Mitchell

"Very cool idea"  -Connie

"Super excited for this!!!!"  -Alina

"Saw your panel at SVCC and am really excited about this company."  -Lora

"Thank you for the opportunity to get involved in something like this."  -Russell

"This is an incredible idea and long, long overdue!"  -Mark

"This is a most excellent thing. Gogogo!"  -Ren